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Strategy, Planning & Architecture

On a typical project, we will suport you through all phases of development starting with business analysis to develop a deep understanding of business and use cases, constraints, pain points and technical challenges.

We’ll build a road map, milestones, manage expectations, budget abilities that suits you and distinct acceptance criteria for the project.

Our consulting services extend from planning scalable infrastructure and type of service your business requires, to building solid digital product and beyond.

Custom Development & Operations

Using modern technologies such as Core, OData standard, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 we build trustworthy API’s. We provide responsive web interface regardless of devices that it will be used on, from desktop to different mobile screens.

In our work we use Azure DevOps, cloud environment for tracking development process, which allows us to provide continuous integrations and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with a single purpose to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.

By using several different development and preproduction environments it allows us to test and adapt to any possible changes in the pipeline before it ends in front of end users or customers.

Optimisation & QA

Digitization is a process during which you want to improve existing business processes or existing software solutions with more scalable environment, more in line with present time solution, while ensuring optimization of work activities, labor costs, reduce the possibility of human error in repetitive work and ensure flexibility without losing quality.

With every additional step during development, you will reach new conclusions and perspective on how to optimize your work. You will find new sources on how to collect additional information and monetize them.

By investing in optimization and quality assurance, you are investing in durability and your own business edge.


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